Entertainment Reads (June 24th, 2014)

Best entertainment links of the week

Each week on Tuesday we’ll post our favorite links to articles from the pop culture world. They’ll at least tangentially pertain to education or sociological issues in general, and they’ll be from the past week. There will be a few bonus exceptions though, usually in the form of a link that was too fun to pass up. Because we too like to have the fun.

In comics: Using comic books to counsel children with psychological disorders (The Telegraph)

In more comics: A comic book reading list celebrating LGBT pride (Comic Book Resources)

In poor decision-making: Apparently using gay slurs is okay at the World Cup? (Outsports)

In Schadenfreude: Someone actually does something about this whole Redskins name thing (CNNMoney)

In 8th grade English class: A profile of Daniel Keyes, author of Flowers for Algernon, who passed away this past weekend (The Washington Post)

Bonus for fun: Love yourself as much as Yeezy does with this Kanye West Self-Confidence generator (USA Today)

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