Entertainment Reads (July 8th, 2014)


Each week on Tuesday we’ll post our favorite links to articles from the pop culture world. They’ll at least tangentially pertain to education or sociological issues in general, and they’ll be from the past week. There will be a few bonus exceptions though, usually in the form of a link that was too fun to pass up. Because we too like to have the fun.

In comic strips that should be required reading: Bill Watterson, of Calvin and Hobbes fame, is back. Sort of. (Paste)

In political cartoons that should be required reading: Cartoonists in Egypt are dodging censorship. (Daily News Egypt)

In the continued saga of UNC’s academic scandal: A learning specialist seems to think the school cares more about athletics than academics and is suing because the school demoted her for saying so. (Charlotte Observer)

In comics about superheroes that are definitely feminist: Kelly Thompson eviscerates David Finch, the new artist for DC’s Wonder Woman series, for his poorly chosen words about the titular hero. (Comic Book Resources)

In TV shows about superheroes that are surprisingly feminist: Emily Yoshida explains Sailor Moon and why it belongs in a category with Orange Is the New Black. (Grantland)

Bonus for fun: You need to smile, so watch goats scream along to the Jurassic Park theme. (YouTube)

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